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Strategic Marketing for the Construction Industry

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... most organisations need an external stimulus to successfully develop a strategic plan ...

Walnut Management is Nick Moss BSc FCIM

"I can offer a unique combination of great facilitation skills, a sound understanding of construction markets and demonstable experience of successful development and implementation of marketing strategies."

Commercial & Strategic Planning

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Most organisations go through a strategic planning process on an annual basis, creating a 3 or even 5 year plan.  It is vital that this plan is based on market knowledge and understanding.  I can help guide a board through the process of delivering a successful and, more importantly, useful plan.

Market Audit &


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Until you know your markets, by segment and sector, how can you plan where you want to be in the future?

Marketing Plan Implementation

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A plan is nothing without implementation.  I have practical experience of implementing a wide variety of strategic, commercial and marketing plans.  Sometimes this may involve a period of full time, part time or interim employment in a client company.